Coaching Summit 2021

28 October - 28 November, Jakarta, Indonesia

About This Event

About ICS Event

International Coaching Summit (ICS) is an annual program held by ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter. This year would be our 10th ICS since its first summit held in 2012.
ICS 2021 would be the second International Summit we hold virtually, and it will gather more than 1000 participants from various professions including coaches, researchers, educators, government officers, entrepreneurs, business/umkm/startup practitioners and individual for empowering the world through coaching.
The summit would be a showcase from all stakeholders that Coaching Works!

Where & When

Virtualy hosted by ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter

Every Weekend from 28 Okt – 28 Nov 2021

Our Program

This summit will be the opportunity not only for coaches (and coaching schools) to share their practice’s experiences empowering the world through coaching, but it is also for clients and sponsors (either individuals or organization (CEO, business practitioners / entrepreneurs, government officials, academics/umkm/startup). Nevertheless, it is also for the smallest organization such as parents and family.
This will be a breakthrough effort to share how that Coaching Works ! and how that all stakeholders contributes to empowering the world through coaching through 4 streamlines that emphasize on Coach as Profession and how building Coaching Business where building Competencies in Coaching would be the fundamental in having Coach as profession. The other 2 streamlines would be the showcases from coaches and clients’ perspectives on empowering the world through coaching. There will be sharing on how to build coaching culture and how to build wholeness in life through coaching

Build Coaching Business/ Coach as Profession

Successful as a coach by creating a ripple effect of positive transformation for many through Coaching Business or Profession. Focusing on Commitment, Building Connection, Creating Conversation, Making Conversion, Finally the Completion

Build Competencies in Coaching

Embracing ICF Core Competencies that works to improve and reinforce performance of all coaches. Facilitates skill development by providing clear, behaviorally specific performance feedback, and by encouraging action plans for improvement in a manner that builds confidence and maintains self esteem


Coaching culture creates a climate where people can freely to give and receive feedback, support and stretch each other’s thinking, challenge each other with support, and stress-test ideas where appropriate. Engaging in development conversations that are short in length, yet strong in impact. Be curious not judgmental.

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching

Holistic transformational learning process through coaching to know, embrace, and express all aspects of your whole self to thrive in any aspect of life. Provoking and unlocking access to the depth and breadth of the core: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually as an effective method that will enable them to step into their wholeness, confident and highly effective in any aspect of life

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule


Coaching Works! Empowering The World Through Coaching Salman Subakat, Zivanna Letisha Siregar and Imam Bustomi

Salman Subakat, Zivanna Letisha SIregar and Imam Bustomi


HAPPY Coaching System. Avni Martin, MCC

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching.


Building Coaching Culture Through Meaningful Conversation Kurnia Siregar, PCC and Ina Rizqie Amalia, MCC

Build Coaching Culture


Paradox In Coaching. Heru Yuwono Liem, MCC

Build Competencies in Coaching.


Coaching With Complexity In Mind. Adina Tarry MSC, MBA, BA.

Build Competencies in Coaching.


Coaching Works! The East Indonesia's Story Fauziah Zulfitri, ACC

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession


Coaching For Enterprise Transformation A Case Of Telkom Indonesia Oki Wiranto

Build Competencies in coaching


Coaching Lab: Living ICF Core Competencies Rudy Efendy, PCC

Build Competencies in Coaching.


Coaching Habit For Corporate And Beyond Josef Bataona

Build Coaching Culture


Reinventing Coaching Ari Yuda Laksmana, ACC

Build Competencies in Coaching


Through The Client's Eyes Rini Haerinnisya, PCC

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching


Co-Creating Coaching In Catalyze (3C) Marc-Antoine Dunais and Felicia Tanzil

Build Coaching Culture.


Fixing The Missing Link In Coaching Culture: Effective Listening Sonali Sharma, MBA

Build Coaching Culture


Opportunities And Challenges, Coach As Profession In Indonesia Harry Pramono, Onma Pasti Gultom, Ananta Dewandhono, Diah Arum Witasari

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession


The Next Wave Of Indonesia's Entrepreneurship Education Wisnu Sakti Dewobroto

Build Coaching Culture


Coaching Dan Laku Keseharian M Nur Fannie Prasetyo, PCC

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching


Developing A Coaching Mindset Jonathan Passmore

Build Competencies in Coaching.


Coaching Women Leaders Aparna Devagiri, PCC

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching


Build Women Leaders In Indonesia Badai Widyastuti Prasthari

Build Coaching Culture


From Fatness To Fitness: The Art Of Changing Healthy Behavioral Habit. Anitawati Seman, PCC

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching


Opportunities And Challenges, Coach As Profession In South East Asia Adithia Amidjaya, PCC; Grace Lee, PCC; Arvy Villamarzo, PCC; Yorde Leelawejabootr, PCC

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession


Marginal Gains In Coaching Clare Norman, PCC

Build Competencies in Coaching


Creating Your Cheese In Coaching Profession/Business. M. Iqbal M. Noor ACC

Build Coaching Culture.


The Art And Practices Of Neuro-Based Leadership Coaching Eval Wari, ACC

Build Competencies in Coaching


Mental Game Mastery With Coaching Style Donny Herdianto, EPC

Build Coaching Culture


Evoking Awareness In Sales Coaching Irfan Prarendra,PCC

Build Competencies in Coaching


Creative Reflective Practice And ICF Core Competencies Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy MP MCC ESIA

Build Competencies in Coaching


Coaching In Agile World Sonny Sofjan, ECPC, PCC

Build Competencies in Coaching


Self-Disrupt Your Coaching Business Daru Dewayanto, MCC

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession.


What Is Masterful Coaching And Why Is It So Relevant NOW Belinda Jane Maclnnes,MCC

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession


Ten Truths Of Systemic Team Coaching Sameera Baba PCC SP

Build Competencies in Coaching


The Science And Art Of Cultivating Effective Coaching Relationships Sid Hamid, PCC

Build Competencies in Coaching.


How To Think Like A Start Up To Build Your Coaching Business Al Falaq Arsendatama,MCC

Building Coaching Business


Challenges And Solutions To Build A Coaching Culture Wai Kheong Leong, MCC

Build Coaching Culture


BRAVE Marketing: How To Attract Your Ideal Clients Cynthia Wihardja

Build Coaching Business / Coach as Profession


Walk The Talk: My Integrity In The Journey Yaron Golan

Build Wholeness in Life through Coaching


Closing ICS 2021 ICF


About ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter

The International Coach Federation Jakarta (ICF) is a registered chapter of the ICF in the United States. ICF Jakarta represents and supports all ICF registered coaches in Indonesia.
In today’s fast-paced world, growing numbers of businesses, organizations and individuals are turning to professional coaching to increase their effectiveness, build relationships and reach their goals.
The International Coach Federation is the support network for these professional coaches. Whether it’s Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching or any other skilled coaching, ICF leads the global community in advancing the profession. ICF helps serve the flourishing of humanity by using coaching’s creative and thought-provoking process to maximize professional and personal potential.
Through a worldwide network of professional coaches, ICF builds, supports and preserves this growing field, providing connections near and far.
ICF builds the profession’s visibility with partnerships, global strategic alliances, public relations, marketing items, and tools such as the Coach Referral Service (CRS), a free service that can help potential clients locate accredited member ICF coaches.
ICF supports members through continual professional development and growth opportunities, both locally and internationally, including conferences, annual research reports and networking programs. The organization also partners with resource providers to benefit members and use ICF’s strength in numbers. ICF offers additional support through its website, databases and publications.


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