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Clare Norman, PCC

Biography : Following a 20+ year career in corporate learning and development functions, where Clare won awards for her innovative programmes, Clare now splits her time between leader and transition coaching in organisations and coach supervision and mentor coaching for ICF credentialing. She is a PCC herself, working towards MCC. She has written a book about mentor coaching, which you can access here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mentor-Coaching-A-Practical-Guide/dp/0335248799/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=mentor+coaching&qid=1626700223&sr=8-3 You can get a feel for Clare’s work through her website https://www.clarenormancoachingassociates.com/ and she is keen to connect via her Linked In profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clare-norman-pcc-a102b25

Topic : Marginal Gains in Coaching

Description : We’ve learned so much in our lifetimes, from our parents, our teachers, our peers, our work, our managers, our families. But when it comes to coaching, that prior learning is not always useful. We may need to unlearn some mindsets and skillsets in order to make way for new mindsets and skillsets that enable our thinkers to think in new ways. Clare Norman shares her observations from 20 years of coaching and 7 years of observing coaches as a mentor coach. Time and time again, she sees coaches applying parental introjections such as "it's rude to interrupt" when in fact, it might be a more fruitful partnership to ask for permission to interrupt. She sees coaches confusing how to bring value in coaching, because of what they have learned in a previous work life. She sees coaches working at pace towards a fix for the thinker's problem, when slowing down to explore the territory would lead to great learning. These are just some of the introjections and scripts that Clare will be sharing in the course of this session. Some known to us already (but perhaps still hard to break away from), some not so obvious. Be prepared to be challenged about your blind-spots, that have served you so well in the past but that will detract from your thinkers' learning. Be prepared to question your mindset and your skillset. Be prepared to free yourself from those old mindsets and skillsets to become a better coach..

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